Tayana Pannell
Executive Director

Anthony Natale
Fiscal Administrator

Board of directors
Pastor Richard Smith

Dr. William Pinn
Vice President

James DeCenso

Chris Grabert

Tayana Pannell
Executive Director

Harold Adams

Rev. Abby Auman, District Superintendent

Kathy Casey

Ralph Goldston

Christine Graber

Cynthia L. McWilson

Penny Wells

We believe that individuals and families are strengthened and empowered through the compassionate delivery of critical services by the United Methodist Community Center and its partners.

Under the moniker of the United Methodist Community Center, we carry two historic family motivated legacies of the Mahoning Valley: the Pearl Street Mission of Youngstown, Ohio (est. 1924) and the Rebecca Williams Community Center of Warren, Ohio (est. 1926). These two legacies were valuable treasures within the communities that they served. A plethora of people passed through their doors to utilize the available services to find employment, to become a volunteer, or to call it a haven for themselves and their children. The two legacy centers hosted basketball leagues, style shows, mother’s groups, boxing, karate, child care, transportation and a myriad of other activities.

One of the many commonalities of the center was the acceptance and support of immigrants in a time when immigrants were cast down. The same is true today as the United Methodist Community Center continues to serve, teach, develop, and empower individuals and their families regardless of race, creed, or color.

Tayana Pannell
Executive Director

Anthony Natale
Fiscal Administrator

Mahoning County

2401 Belmont Ave
Youngstown, OH 44505