In 1922, the Pearl Street Mission opened as a neighborhood house for the local Italian community. Through the leadership of the Youngstown Methodist Union and dedicated members of the Mahoning Valley District, new and expanded facilities were built in the 1950s. As it grew, the Mission was renamed The United Methodist Community Center.

Over the years, as Youngstown’s ethnic character changed, the United Methodist Community Center has continued to serve, teach, develop, and empower individuals and their families regardless of race, creed, or color. In 1997, UMCC underwent a major renovation program to more fully utilize the available space at its downtown headquarters. In 1998, UMCC expanded its services to a school-based setting to coordinate and enhance community services provided to local city schools.

In 2006, UMCC expanded its reach even further by opening its Warren site. The second location has allowed UMCC to better distribute its outreach services and increase its impact throughout the Mahoning Valley.